What materials are commonly used for automobile torsion bar

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Torsion bar

Generally, 50CrVA, 42CrMo, 60CrA and other spring steels can be used as torsion bars for automobiles, and 45CrNiMoVA and other high-quality alloy spring steels can be used as important torsion bars, torsion bars for military off-road vehicles such as tanks, and heavy trucks torsion bars .

Torsion bar

The torsion bar material shall have the following characteristics:

(1) It has good heat treatment hardenability, which is required to ensure the hardening depth of torsion bar;

(2) It has stable chemical composition and mechanical properties. Chemical composition and mechanical properties will affect the technological process of the torsion bar, such as heat treatment and pre torsion, thus affecting the quality, performance and service life of the torsion bar.

In order to reduce the cost of torsion bar suspension materials

in recent years, some research institutions and manufacturers have made substantial progress in replacing high-quality alloy spring steel with ordinary structural steel such as 40Cr, 40MnB, which will help reduce the cost of torsion bar suspension materials.

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